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Tyree A.K.A. FF was born August 12. 1998 on the southside of Chicago,IL. Born and raised in the south suburbs, FF began rapping in 7th grade at the age of 13. He states that his biggest influence to start writing was Kendrick Lamar after feeling like he saved his life and confidence at a defining age in his life. Since then he released his first single in the Spring of 2016, titled Preliminary Flow. After being praised by family members, and friends he released his mixtape, “FF The Mixtape” in the summer of 2017 before heading off to college. After taking a break from music to focus on school, he followed up with a lead single titled, “Hiatus” in the summer of 2018. He then released his second mixtape, “Hiatus” in summer of 2019 which helped him create a solid fan base whom he calls his family rather than fans. He has since the released two popular singles which are apart of a DLC Pack titled “Brown Paper Bagged Vodka EP.” His two singles, “Brown Paper Bagged Vodka,” and “Moscato Sangria,” have received positive feedback. On February 5th, 2021 FF dropped his second EP titled "Reico (DLC Pack 2)" with a video of his single "Afro Samurai Freestyle" while he awaits to drop his first full length LP.